Low Cost Auto Insurance Program California

Low Cost Auto Insurance Program California (Complete Detail)

Low Cost Auto Insurance Program California (CLCA)

Low cost auto insurance in California is not a dream, it is possible. It is an understandable fact that everyone in California cannot afford expensive auto insurance. Therefore, California State established a Low Cost Auto Insurance Program (CLCA) in 1999 to provide low cost auto insurance to good drivers with low income, who mostly remained uninsured. CLCA policies have extremely low coverage limits compare to minimums coverage limits that State demands. It also costs way less than standard policies.

The eligibility criteria for CLCA program is very strict because California state want to give low cost auto insurance facility to deserving people. Therefore, low cost auto insurance program is not for everyone. The CLCA Program has nothing to do with California’s Department of Insurance. It is a well organized program that is assigned to licensed auto insurance companies. It is the first and foremost responsibility of a licensed auto insurance company to provide low cost auto insurance to you via California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan.

CLCA program can provide low cost auto insurance to low income families. If you are looking for low cost auto insurance in California and consider yourself eligible for CLCA program, then you need to go through some important details that are compulsory to get the low cost auto insurance program in California State. You need to go through the 4 basic steps that include coverage details, eligibility requirements, policy charges and enrollment process of this program. Let’s jump into those 4 basic steps.

1. Eligibility Requirements for Low Cost Auto Insurance California (CLCA) Program

There are some extremely important eligibility requirements for (CLCA) Program. It basically includes salary requirements and household requirements. In order to qualify for low cost auto insurance program, you need to complete some other important requirements too. When you are qualified for the (CLCA) program, the members of your house who drive cars in California automatically become part of this program. CLCA program allows you and your family members to have at least 2 cars per person. You can also get only 2 low cast auto insurance policies per person. Let’s move on to the eligibility requirements.

  • License: You must have a valid California driver’s license, or you need to have an AB60 license. Your immigration status cannot change anything related to license. Therefore, you must have either AB60 license or valid California driver’s license.
  • Age: You have to be at least 19 years old or more to be eligible for CLCA program. Make sure that you are not dependent on your family because you have to be independent to qualify for low cost auto insurance program in California.
  • Salary: Your salary range is also one of the most important factors that determine your qualification of CLCA program. You have to provide the proof of your income. Your household’s annual income has to be 250% below of the federal poverty level. The members of your house should be defined as the unit of people that are listed on your federal or state income taxation form. Your income should be less than $60,000 if you have family of four in order to meet the eligibility criteria of low cost auto insurance program.
  • Vehicle: The price of your car or any other vehicle cannot be more than $25,000. All the vehicles in your house should be insured under CLCA Program.
  • Driving History: Your driving history is also very important element that can be the game changer in your qualification process. In your driving history only 1 at-fault accident is allowed without any serious injury or death in the time of past 3 years. More than 1 point from moving violations disqualifies you for CLCA Program. It means you need to have good driving history to get this program.

2. The Coverage Limits of Low Cost Auto Insurance California (CLCA) Program

The coverage limits of CLCA Program are lower than minimum coverage requirements of auto insurance in California. It doesn’t mean that CLCA Program has limited financial responsibilities. The program provides valuable financial benefits. The coverage Limits are almost $5,000 lower than standard policies for bodily injury. The coverage limits do not provide option for physical damage. Let’s jump on the basic and optional coverage limits.

  • Bodily Injury: The bodily injury is up to $10,000 per person. If you caused an accident and clearly the fault is yours then $20,000 is the amount for per accident claim. This amount will be used to pay the medical bills of affected drivers and passengers in the other vehicle.
  • Property Damage: Property damage is up to $3,000 per accident. When the accident caused by you damages other’s property.
  • Optional Coverage for Bodily Injury: The optional coverage is up to $10,000 per person to $20,000 per accident if the accident occurs because of your fault. The optional coverage is very important because more than 15% of auto insurance claims in California State include an uninsured driver. Therefore, you have to pay attention to it carefully.
  • Medical Payments: The optional medical payment is up to $1,000 per person, which you can get only in necessary conditions to pay your medical care bills.

3. Costs of Low Cost Auto Insurance California CLCA Policies

Basically each car insurance companies have their own rates based on their own proprietary models. Mostly insurance companies don’t have fixed rates and those rates can go up and down according to market demand. A few elements differentiate the insurance rates of those companies that elements are car type, policy limits and driver type. But in the CLCA program these elements don’t make any serious difference in the rates. CLCA ensures that you are getting low cost auto insurance in the state because it determines rates based by county. The CLCA policies also make sure that you are getting low cost auto insurance with good coverage. It is not compulsory to choose the best insurance company in California for low cost auto insurance, when your main aim is to get CLCA program.

  • Basic Policy: There are fixed rates for the basic CLCA policies that also include liability coverage. Normally basic CLCA policies have same rates for all types of drivers but the cost can be increased according to your age. If you are a 19 to 24 years old single male driver, the costs of CLCA policies will be 25% higher than the basic rate. If your driving experience is less than 3 years then you will have to pay 30% more for surcharge.
  • Optional Coverage: The available optional coverages include Medical Payments and Uninsured Motorists BI. The fixed rates according to driver’s resident county also come with optional coverage package.

4. How to Apply for Low Cost Auto Insurance California (CLCA) Program

The enrollment process for the CLCA is different from common auto insurance process. In CLCA you don’t have right to pick your quotes. You also don’t have to pick your insurer in this program. The application process is extremely simple. First of all you have to determine your eligibility for the CLCA program through an online questionnaire. A CLCA agent can also help you in finding your eligibility if you are not comfortable with online questionnaire.

You just have to follow the 4 steps to apply for CLCA Program

1. First you need to fill online CLCA eligibility forum. Then you need to press continue button. You can also contact CLCA Customer Service at 1 (866) 602 – 8861 in order to clear your doubts. They can help you to fill the forum correctly.

2. Second you need to choose “Yes Apply Now”, and “I want to select an agent”

3. Third you need to Select an agent, and press the continue button.

4. Forth you have to fill the contact information fields correctly that normally includes your email and phone number. Then hit the submit button and it’s all done.

This is the complete enrolment process for CLCA program. If you are looking for low cost auto insurance in California, CLCA is ideal program for you. But you have to eligible for this service. If you are specifically looking for cheap car insurance in California and don’t think that you are deserving candidate for CLCA program then you need to find cheap auto insurance companies in California. Geico and Progressive are cheapest car insurance companies in California.

If you are looking for low cost auto insurance in Redding California, Victorville California, Stockton California and Bakersfield California or any other areas of California State, you can simply apply for the CLCA program.

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