Cheap Auto Insurance in Michigan (Complete Detail)

Cheap Auto Insurance in Michigan (Complete Detail)

Cheap Auto Insurance in Michigan

Cheap auto Insurance in Michigan is possible. We have discovered cheapest auto insurance companies in Michigan. Getting cheap auto insurance in Michigan can be daunting task especially when you are new to this city. When it comes to cheap car insurance quotes in Michigan, the options are limitless. But you need to be careful while selecting you car insurance plan because some of the companies charge hefty amount of cash for auto insurance in Michigan.

Local car insurance rates in Michigan change all the time. Average cost of auto insurance in Michigan is around $1,159 for one year. Michigan is not a cheap car insurance State. Auto insurance is pretty expensive there. Michigan drivers pay about 71% more than the average U.S. state for no-fault benefits. It means this state is known for expensive auto insurance. But still there are some cheapest car insurance companies that provide best car insurance in Michigan.

MetLife is the cheapest insurance company in Michigan that is charging almost $1,159 annually for car insurance. The average rate of auto insurance in Michigan is below $2,000. However rates can decrease or increase according to your ZIP Code, credit score and driving history. Usually bad drivers have to pay more than good drivers. Now the question is who really has the cheapest auto insurance in Michigan? There are number of companies with affordable rates but the best ones are few.

See the list of cheap auto insurance providers in Michigan below.

Cheap Auto Insurance Companies in Michigan

Company                                                                                            Annual Rate

MetLife $1,158
Hastings Mutual $1,393
Chubb $1,734
Pioneer State Mutual $1,995
MEEMIC $2,027
Auto Owners $2,222
Frankenmuth $2,342
SECURA $2,623
Grange Insurance $2,702
Auto Club Group $2,742
Nationwide $2,867
Hanover $2,903
Millers $2,974

Auto insurance Requirements in Michigan

Liability insurance, personal property protection (PPI) and personal injury protection (PIP) are compulsory in Michigan and Michigan citizens have to carry all of them in order to drive in the State. You must have to carry liability insurance along with PIP and PPI otherwise you won’t be able to drive in Michigan.

Your PPI will cover fix damage caused by you to others. It includes garage and parked cars of others. Your PIP mainly covers your injuries and the people who are injured in your car in any type of car accident. In the situation of car crash, your PIP will cover your medical bills.

Your PIP is limitless in Michigan and you are free to choose but still you need to select at least the following amounts of liability insurance and personal property protection for yourself and yours passengers. The decent amount is considered ideal, when it comes to car insurance. Personal property protection in Michigan is around $1 million.

  • $20,000 for bodily injury liability per person.
  • $40,000 for bodily injury liability per incident.
  • $10,000 for property damage liability per incident.
  • $1 million for PPI

DUI/DWI Laws in Michigan

  • BAC limit: BAC limit is .08. Michigan’s Secretary of State has dedicated a complete web page that is packed with useful information related to Intoxicated (OUI) laws. Make sure to visit that page in order to understand complete important laws of DUI and DWI in Michigan. Here are some major penalties for OWI convictions in Michigan.
  • First Offender:
    • First offender Fine is $100 to $500.
      • First offender have to spend maximum 93 days in jail.
      • First offender also have to spend maximum 360 hours in community service.
    • First offender License will be suspended for 30 days and also followed by a restricted license for 150 days.
    • First offender also have to face possible Ignition Interlock Device (IID).
    • First offender may face possible vehicle immobilization.
    • First offender’s Responsibility Fee is $1,000 for 2 years in Michigan.
    • BAC of .17 or higher enhances the severity of each penalty, which basically means that you need to face serious consequences.

Driving Laws in Michigan

In Michigan driving laws are very strict and offenders have to face serious consequences for their carelessness. Here are the important driving laws in Michigan.

  • Michigan has completely banned texting for all drivers no matter if you are old or young, you are not allowed to text. According to Use of Cell phone, whether handheld or hands-free, is strictly banned for all drivers.
  • Young Children that are older than 2 years are not allowed to travel without safety seat. Safe seats are also compulsory for babies.
  • Seat belts are compulsory and no one can drive without seat belts.
  • Newly licensed and young drivers cannot carry many passengers in their vehicle.
  • If you want to keep your cow in main street, you will have to pay 3 cents for that in Michigan.


Average cost of auto insurance in Michigan is around 1,158 but it doesn’t mean, you have to pay that much money because it depends on your choice. Some insurance companies in Michigan can provide you cheaper insurance than that according to your credit score and driving history. Normally young driver can get cheap auto insurance in Michigan easily compare to senior citizen.


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