Cheap Auto Insurance in Little Rock Arkansas

Cheap Auto Insurance in Little Rock Arkansas

Cheap Auto Insurance in Little Rock Arkansas

Finding cheap auto Insurance in Little Rock Arkansas is not difficult but you have to choose the right company. Some insurers provide cheapest auto insurance in Little Rock Arkansas and some are extremely expensive.

Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas. It is the home of Clinton Presidential Library . It has population of 198,541 people (1). It is located across the river. Little rock has many historical places in it like, Clinton Presidential Library and Central High School.

When it comes to auto insurance in Little Rock AR, the rates are higher than other areas of Arkansas but if you choose right insurance companies like, Safeco, Farmers and USAA, you can easily get affordable car insurance in the city (2).  

Cheap Auto Insurance Companies in Little Rock Arkansas


Yearly Insurance Rate: $319


Yearly Insurance Rate: $336

American National General 

Yearly Insurance Rate: $385


Yearly Insurance Rate: $347

Horace Mann

Yearly Insurance Rate: $297


Yearly Insurance Rate: $316

United Services Automobile Association

Yearly Insurance Rate: $356

Cameron National Insurance Company

Yearly Insurance Rate: $361

Nationwide Property & Casualty Insurance Company

Yearly Insurance Rate: $378

Cameron Mutual Insurance Company

Yearly Insurance Rate: $405

Average cost of Car insurance in Little Rock Arkansas is $977 to $1,102. The Highest rate in Little Rock AR is $1,736.

These are the cheap car insurance companies in Little Rock AR that can provide you best car insurance. If you are looking for affordable car insurance in Little Rock, these insurance companies are ideal for you.

Coverage Requirements of Auto Insurance in Little Rock Arkansas

1. Liability Bodily Injury requirement is $30,000 to 55,000. Liability property damage is $2500 which is lower than many other areas of Arkansas.

2. The good thing is medical payments coverage, comprehensive coverage and collision Coverage is not necessary in Little Rock Arkansas. Commonly Medical coverage payment is $5000 but in many cases it is not essential.

Driving Laws in Little Rock Arkansas

1. Police can stop any driver, who doesn’t have seatbelts on in Little Rock Arkansas. Seat Belts are compulsory for children who are under 15. Booster seats are essential for little kids.

2. Texting is not allowed. Drivers under the age of 18 cannot use mobile phones in the car. School Bus drivers are not allowed to use cell phones while driving.

3. You can receive DUI charge, if you drive under the influence of alcohol in Little Rock AR. If your blood alcohol level is more than 0.08, you will immediately receive DUI charge.

4. Little Rock AR is not easy on first offenders. First offenders can spend one year in jail and also pay $1000 fine. Your driver license can be suspended automatically on first offense. Therefore, be careful and follow the rules.

You can easily get cheap car insurance in Little Rock Arkansas. All you need is to compare rates of top insurance companies that are mentioned above. Geico is also an affordable insurance company in Little Rock AR.

Note: Rates can fluctuate according to your age, driving history and ZIP Code. Insurance companies constantly change their policies and rates. Therefore, above mentioned rates can go up and down too.

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