Cheap Car Insurance in Sacramento California

Cheap Car Insurance in Sacramento California

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes in Sacramento California

Sacramento is the capital of California and finding cheap car insurance in Sacramento California is not easy but it is also not impossible. Sacramento is big city and home of many drivers. Generally car insurance in California is expensive compare to other States of America. But still you can find cheap auto insurance quotes in Sacramento, CA.

Finding cheap car insurance rates in Sacramento, CA is not easy because California is expensive state. But still it is possible to get affordable auto insurance in California but you have to choose the right company for this. Some companies in Sacramento California provide the cheap car insurance and some are extremely expensive.

According to ValuePenguin the average rate of car insurance in Sacramento CA is $1,662. Which is way too expensive than normal car insurance rates in states like Florida and Colorado. Geico is the best full coverage car insurance provider in Los Angeles, California. But when it comes to Sacramento California Nationwide is the best auto insurer.

Cheap Car Insurance Providers in Sacramento California


Yearly Car insurance Rates: $912

Century National

Yearly Car Insurance Rates: $984


Yearly Car Insurance Rates: $1,108


Yearly Car Insurance Rate: $1,391


Yearly Car Insurance Rates: $1,392



State Farm

Yearly Car insurance Rates: $1,500


Yearly Car Insurance Rate: $1,608

Kemper Specialty

Yearly Car Insurance Rates: $2,172

Bristol West

Yearly Car Insurance Rates: $2,376

In East Sacramento average annual rate of car insurance is $1,600.

Low Cost Car Insurance in Sacramento CA

According to our research companies that will cost you less for auto insurance in Sacramento are few in numbers but still you can easily find them and contact them because all these companies provide best customer support service for your help.

1. Nationwide

2. Geico


4. Ameriprise

5. Progressive

6. Allied

7. StateFarm

These are the best car insurance companies in Sacramento California. If you want to hire cheap car insurance agent in Sacramento, CA then Fiesta Auto Insurance Center and Freeway Insurance Services Sacramento are ideal for you.

Car Insurance Requirement in Sacramento California

1. Bodily Injury Liability Coverage is $15000 to $30,000.

2. Property Damage Liability Coverage is $5,000.

3. Property Damage Coverage is $3,500

These three requirements are essential for getting car insurance in Sacramento California.

Note: Rates can fluctuate according to your age group, driving history and ZIP Code.

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