Cheap Car Insurance in Florida (New Study)

Cheap Car Insurance in Florida (New Study)

Cheap Car Insurance in Florida

Cheap car insurance in Florida is possible. Yes it seems impossible to find cheap car insurance in Florida but actually it is not that hard. However Florida is very expensive when it comes to car insurance. Florida is a very large State with thousands of vehicles. Traffic jam is also a big issue in Florida. Florida has charming beach views, tall buildings and colorful clubs.

Therefore, finding cheap car insurance in Florida is not extremely simple. But some car insurance companies are providing cheap auto insurance in Florida. We have studied over 100 insurance companies and discovered the best ones for you. Cheap car insurance in Florida seems unbelievable but actually it is possible.

Now the question is who has the cheapest auto insurance in Florida? And the answer is Florida Farm Bureau. Florida Farm Bureau annual car insurance rate is $380. It is actually 64 percent less than average rate of car insurance in Florida. Florida is flooded with car insurers and every company has its own rates. However your car insurance rates can increase or decrease according to your credit score, driving history, ZIP code and age group.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Florida

Minimum car insurance in Florida is $1,099. It is actually affordable car insurance in Florida. Progressive, GEICO, and State Farm are also the cheap and best car insurance companies in Florida. Classic car insurance in Florida is also cheap. Commercial auto insurance and high risk auto insurance in Florida is little expensive than normal car insurance.

Let’s look at the list of cheapest car insurance in Florida.

Car Insurance Company                                                                             Annual car insurance rate in Florida

Florida Farm Bureau Insurance $382
USAA $601
GEICO $604
Travelers $641
State Farm $647
Auto-Owners $668
Safeco $808
MetLife $828
Bristol West $879
21st Century $979
Progressive $1,078
Esurance $1,124
Allstate $1,251
Direct General $1,337

Cheap Car Insurance for Good Drivers in Florida

In Florida Good drivers can save big bucks on car insurance if they have no at-fault accidents, speeding tickets and DUIs. The car insurance companies in Florida use driving record of drivers to predict the future risk. If you didn’t broke any rules and have clear driving history with no violations at all, it means you will get cheap car insurance because you are less risky. Some insurance companies also provide reasonable discount to good drivers. You will get almost 5-10 percent discount based on what company you choose. Cheap car insurance for good drivers in Florida is easy. If you are a good driver with good driving history, Nationwide is ideal for you.

Rating Facts                           Savings in Dollars                                       Saving in Pecentage

No Traffic Tickets $524 22.48%
No Accidents $673 27.17%
Good Credit $1,667 48.03%

Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers in Florida

Young drivers always have to pay more for car insurance because they are fresh and have no previous experience in driving. Young drivers mostly have higher risk of accidents than experienced drivers. Therefore, in Florida young drivers between the ages of 16-25 have to pay more for car insurance than others. This rule is not only for Florida, it is applied all over in America. If you are teen driver with new driving license GEICO, Progressive, and Liberty Mutual are ideal for you. Those are the cheapest companies in Florida. Finding car insurance in Florida is not hard for good drivers but for bad drivers and young drivers it can be difficult.

1 Year Rate with Parents                         1 Yearly Rate Alone

$5,501 $5,983
$5,149 $5,605
$5,118 $4,856
$4,546 $3,807

Cheap Car Insurance for Bad Drivers in Florida

If you are looking for cheap car insurance in Florida with bad driving history, you are in trouble. Although some companies can give you some sort of discount but still you need to pay a lot for your car insurance. In Florida a DUI’s average rate is $935 for one year and it can be increased. Violations like an at-fault accident or a speeding ticket also leave bad influence on your driving record. But there is a hope for bad drivers in Florida. If you have a DUI or at-fault accident on your driving record, Liberty Mutual, State Farm and Nationwide can save you some money on auto insurance. They are not the cheapest auto insurance companies in Florida but still they are suitable for bad drivers. Getting cheap car insurance in Florida is tough for bad drivers just like any other state of America but still you can find the best car insurance with little bit research.

Rating Facts                                                    Annual Rate                                     Percentage Increase

At-Fault Accident $2,476 27.16%
DUI $2,740 34.17%
Speeding Violation $2,327 22.49%
Bad Credit $3,470 48.02%

Car Insurance Rules in Florida

Getting cheap car insurance in Florida is simple but there are some rules and regulations that you have to follow to get car insurance. You have to follow Florida car insurance laws to get cheap car insurance in Florida. Car insurance companies also offer some optional coverage plans that can help you to get best car insurance in Florida. Finding cheapest auto insurance in Florida is not extremely difficult but you have to shop around for it. In order to find cheap car insurance in Florida, you need to know about some compulsory auto insurance laws of Florida State. Let’s jump on the important car insurance laws in Florida.


  • Liability for Property Damage is $10,000 per accident

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

  • PIP is $10,000 per person

Optional coverage in Florida

  • Comprehensive is optional in Florida
  • Collision is also optional in Florida
  • Loan/Lease Payoff is also optional
  • Medical and Funeral Services is optional
  • Rental Car Reimbursement is optional
  • Roadside Assistance is also optional
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury is also optional in some cases

Liability coverage: Liability coverage is legally required in Florida because it covers the damage caused by you to other driver’s vehicle. When you are “at fault” in an accident then your liability coverage covers the damage according to your property damage policy. Minimum property damage requirement in Florida is $10,000 per accident. This amount is the maximum amount that covers damages caused by you in an accident. You also need to know one important thing that Florida is actually a no-fault state. It means you don’t need to carry bodily injury liability coverage but you need to purchase Personal Injury Protection, which is also known as (PIP coverage). PIP is very important to carry in Florida.

Personal Injury Protection: Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is compulsory in Florida. You need $10,000 per person PIP to cover 80 percent of your medical bills. Your PIP will also cover up to 60 percent of work loss if you are badly injured in an accident and unable to work. If you are injured badly your PIP will cover your common household work like laundry and home cleaning.

Florida is a “no-fault” state but still in some cases drivers can be sued. In the case of severe injury, death and permanent disfigurement the affected party can sue drivers. In the response drivers can protect themselves from these serious lawsuits by selecting bodily injury liability coverage that covers their needs.

Driving Rules in Florida

It is important to know driving laws in Florida in order to drive in Florida. Getting cheap auto insurance in Florida is not a big deal because there are a lot of insurance companies that can help you with it. But violation of driving rules in Florida can make it hard. You have to follow all driving laws to get cheap car insurance in Florida; otherwise you will damage your driving record and ended up purchases expensive auto insurance.

Texting and Driving Laws in Florida

  • Text messaging is banned for all the drivers in Florida.

DUI Laws in Florida

The lookback time period in Florida is five years. The second time DUI offenders may have to spend 10 years in Jail for subsequent offenses.

Punishments for First time offenders of DUI are mentioned below.

  • You have Pay Fines of $500 to $1,000 and also have to face Imprisonment for up to 6 months
  • You will get License revocation for 180 days, which can enhance to one year
  • You have to Install and use of an interlock ignition device for 6 months.
  • You have to spend 50 hours in community service and it is compulsory. Otherwise you will have to pay $10 fine for each hour of assigned community service.
  • You have to face Vehicle impoundment for 10 days.

Speeding Laws in Florida

Rash driving and speeding is not allowed in Florida. If you are driving faster than others and your activity disturbing discipline of traffic, then you are in serious trouble. You may lose you driving license immediately, if you get caught speeding. Some important speeding laws of speeding are mentioned below.

Your speed should not exceed to those limits that are mentioned below.

  • Your vehicle should not go 30 miles per hour in business or residential districts
  • Your car should not go 55 miles per hour in all locations
  • Your vehicle should not go 70 miles per hour on limited-access highways
  • Your car should not go 65 miles per hour on highways that are located outside of an urban area of 5,000 or more people.
  • You should not go 60 miles per hour on roadways.

These are some important driving laws in Florida.


Finding cheap car insurance in Florida is not difficult, if you have good driving history. Normally for young drivers it is tough to get cheap auto insurance in Florida. If you are looking for best car insurance in Florida, GEICO, State Farm and Met Life are ideal ones. If you are looking for cheapest auto insurance in Florida, then Florida Farm Bureau Insurance and USSA are good options. You can select any of above mentioned company that is suitable for you. Although it is little tough to get cheap car insurance in Florida but still you can find it by shopping.


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