Cheap Auto Insurance Reno NV

Cheap Auto Insurance in Reno NV

Cheap Auto Insurance in Reno NV

Reno Nevada is famous for its amazing casinos and ski resorts. You might be thinking getting cheap auto insurance in Reno NV is tough because of its luxury resorts and fancy buildings. But it is not true Reno NV is the best place to get cheap auto insurance.

Reno NV has a weird nickname it is called the Biggest Little City in the World. Although living in Reno Nevada is expensive but finding cheap auto insurance in Reno NV is easy. Cheap auto insurance in Reo NV is possible and their local drivers have the advantage of getting affordable car insurance in Reno Nevada for all type of vehicles.

If you are looking for local cheap car insurance in Reno NV, you are on the right place. We have surveyed over 20 best cheap auto insurance companies in Nevada to find the best cheap auto insurance for you. If you have good driving history and good credit score you can easily get low cost car insurance in Reno Nevada.

Average cost of auto insurance in Reno NV is around $1480 for one year. Progressive, GEICO, Capital and Allied are the cheapest auto insurers in Reno NV. So let’s jump into the list of cheap auto insurers in Reno Nevada.

Cheap Auto Insurance Companies in Reno Nevada

Progressive: $742

GEICO: $817

Allied: $840

Capital: $1,104

Oregon Mutual: 1,344

Terms and Conditions of Driving in Reno NV

In Reno Nevada, traffic is not extremely heavy like other cities. According to research average U.S. citizen wait for roughly 25 minutes while driving but in Reno the time is even shorter than that according to Census Bureau data you have to wait for at least 19 minutes in the traffic jam. You can also access to real time traffic via Nvraods. You can say that it is an ideal city for driving.

Unique Driving Laws in Reno NV

In Reno, you have to pay hefty amount of fine if you drive fast in pedestrian zone. Even if you inattentively head into the pedestrian zone, Nevada State will fine you any way. Using mobile phones while driving is strictly prohibited in Nevada. Taking U-turns and changing lanes in school zones are also prohibited. Fresh young drivers are not allowed to carry passengers younger than 18-year old for six months. It is also illegal to ride camel in Nevada State. Rules and regulations in Nevada are very unique compare to other States of America.

Safety Requirements for Driving in Reno Nevada

Safety belts in Nevada are compulsory for both drivers and passengers. Children who are under the age of 6 or weighing less than 60 pounds can only ride in a certified child restraint system. You cannot text, access the Internet or use a hand-held cell phone while driving in Nevada because it is illegal. You can use hands-free headsets to listen phone calls while driving.

Impaired Driving Laws in Reno Nevada

In Nevada drivers with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 percent or higher are not allowed to drive otherwise they will become victim of drunk and driving case. Drivers suspected of DWI cannot refuse blood, breath or urine tests in Nevada. If you are a first time offender; you will receive 2 days to 6 months in jail and has to go through community service or alcohol awareness programs. You will also get 90-day license suspension as a punishment.

Road Crime Rate in Reno Nevada

According to FBI crime data the complete crime rate in Reno is about 30 percent higher than the other cities, The Reno metro area had 1,302 auto theft cases in 2015. It describes that you need to be very careful while driving and never ever let strangers in your car. Reno NV may not be the safest place to drive but still it is the ideal place to live in Nevada.

Any way get your cheap auto insurance in Reno NV and let us know about it.


It is easy to get cheap car insurance in Reno, Nevada but still you need to look around because they are a lot of local agents in Nevada that can help you to get cheap auto insurance quotes in Reno. Some agents are cheaper than car insurance companies, therefore, it is necessary to shop to get suitable car insurance in Reno.

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