Affordable Auto Insurance in Jacksonville Florida

Affordable Auto Insurance in Jacksonville FL

Best Affordable Auto Insurance Companies in Jacksonville FL

Affordable Auto Insurance in Jacksonville Florida

Getting affordable auto insurance in Jacksonville Florida is not hard but in order to find the cheap auto insurance in Florida you need to find trustable and affordable auto insurance companies that can provide you the best auto insurance rates.

Jacksonville Florida has many areas in it because it is the biggest city in the United States. The auto insurance rates in Jacksonville are different than other big cities of America. Jacksonville neighborhood is also pretty big but still the car insurance rates in Jacksonville are consistent and don’t fluctuate like other cities of America.

Insurance is pretty expensive in Florida but you will be surprised to know that it is still possible to get affordable insurance in the city like Jacksonville. So let’s see the best affordable auto insurance providers in Jacksonville.

Cheap and affordable auto insurers in Jacksonville Florida


USAA insurance is ideal for US soldiers and their family members and it offers cheapest car insurance in Jacksonville, Florida. If you are a member of military family or you are a former soldier, then USAA is perfect choice to make.

Yearly Auto Insurance: $598  

All State

According Valuepenguin’s industry research all state is the most affordable car insurance company in Jacksonville, FL, which is true because this insurance company offers very reasonable rates.

Yearly Auto Insurance rate: $1,035

State Farm

State Farm is well known name in the field of insurance and they have very simple 3 steps method that you can follow to get affordable auto insurance in Jacksonville Florida. Just call the agent, fill online form and select your insurance plan that sit.

Yearly Auto Insurance Rate: $1,043


Amica is one of the most affordable insurance companies in Jacksonville, Florida. It has fixed rates and you can get the best insurance rates even with bad credit history. Amica is the right choice for young and 30 years old drivers.

Yearly Auto Insurance Rate: $1,116


Mercury is another big name in the auto insurance world that also provides other financial services. If you are looking for cheapest auto insurance in Jacksonville, Florida Mercury is the best choice. If you are living in Mandarin, Ortega, San Marco , you need to choose Mercury because it offers cheap car insurance to all type of drivers.

Yearly auto Insurance Rate: $1,149

Met life

Met Life is also very affordable insurance company in Jacksonville, FL. You just need to follow their simple process and you are done. They provide best customer support. Met Life is well-reputed and established insurance company in America.

Yearly Auto Insurance Rate: $1,187


If you are trying to get better coverage Liberty is ideal for you. It is the best insurance company in Jacksonville, Florida. Liberty auto insurance is the best insurance providers in Florida State. The rates are higher but the company provides fast and simple insurance process that saves your time.

Yearly Auto Insurance Rate: $1392


Allied is also an affordable auto insurance company in Jacksonville, Florida. You can apply for the insurance online. Allied is also expensive but still it offers reasonable rates in Jacksonville. It also provides other financial services.

Yearly Auto Insurance Rate: $1,471


Geico rates are high compare to other insurance companies but in some areas Geico is cheap. Areas like Mandarin and south Jacksonville has the cheapest auto insurance rates and Geico also offers affordable insurance in those areas but in the San Marco and Down Town area Gecio is expensive.

Yearly Auto Insurance Rate: $1,453

Alliance and Associates

Alliance and associates are providing the expensive car insurance in Jacksonville, Florida but if it suits to your credit score, driving history and ZIP Code then it is a perfect choice. The rates can go up and down according your location.

Yearly Auto Insurance Rate: $1,550

Direct General

Direct General has the highest rate in Jacksonville but it doesn’t mean that they are over charging. The company has best customer support and also provides large number of insurances to numerous drivers. You may have to pay little more than others in the beginning but it has some benefit in the future. If you are looking for direct auto insurance in Jacksonville Florida Direct General s the best option.

Yearly Auto insurance: $2,372

Note: Rates can go up and down y according to ZIP Code and driving history. For bad drivers rates are generally higher than good drivers.

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